The FISH of Roseburg is a non-profit organization that provides emergency basic needs to our friends and neighbors during their difficult times. The FISH Food Pantry was founded in 1971 by local churches in response to the need to provide emergency food to low income families.

The FISH food pantry is the largest of Douglas County's 13 emergency food pantries and currently serves an average of 1000 Douglas County families per month.

FISH is not part of the UCAN organization, but is a partner in service with UCAN. The UCAN warehouse provides distribution of bulk food to all 13 food pantries in Douglas County, but does not operate a pantry for direct services to those in need. The FISH pantry is the direct provider of food for the low-income families who need assistance.

FISH is very proud to be a volunteer run organization with a low overhead and only a single part time paid staff person. An incredible 85 cents of every dollar that is donated goes back out in direct client services. This would not be possible without the help of over 70 enthusiastic volunteers.

Your donation to FISHstays in Douglas County to help Douglas County residents. Help us reach out to give our neighbors a helping hand during these hard times,because we all know that hard times can fall on anyone.

The FISH is an equal opportunity provider.

a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization - all contributions are fully tax deductible